Detective Dixie and the Revenge of Wisheteria Trailer

in Motion

Detective Dixie and the Revenge of Wishteria is our first mobile game which will be launched in 2015. This point and click puzzle video game was developed for the puzzle enthusiast who thirst for truth.

Young energetic female detective Dixie was involved in the murder case of Wishteria town’s leader, Mayor Anselmo. The city was in chaos because they lost their leader 3 days before the election of the new leader. There were many strange things happened and there was rumor spread around that the god of Wishteria would punish the leader who was not worth. Is it really a magical murder done by the god or the relatives done it? Dixie should find the one who responsible for the whole mess in Wishteria.

Dixie was driven to investigate the crime scene, travel to every corner of the town to find the hidden clues and talk to the residents to uncover the all the secret behind. The sheriff of the town would help by giving a list of the suspects for Dixie to interrogate. But it was not easy to get their valuable information. Dixie should solve the mini puzzles which were given by the suspects. In the end, Dixie was challenged to uncover the truth by deduction from facts and put every piece of evidences to disassemble the deceit alibi of the real suspect.

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