Mar 18 2015

5 Tips to Make Effective Logo for Your Brand

When you walked to the sport shoes shop and you saw the “Swoosh” logo, you would realize, it is the Nike’s shoes. Logo is a symbol of the brand. Wherever we go, we see so many logos around us, even with all gadgets that we use now, they have their own logo to remind us. So, that is why logo is fundamental for every brand. So, if you want to start your new business or renew your logo, these are 5 tips to make effective logo for your brand.

1. Be Simple

Did you notice why the Apple or Nike’s logos are easy to recognize? Yep, because their logos are simple. You don’t need to be overdrawn to create an efficient logo. The point is just create something unexpected, as long as it is unique, versatile and memorable for easy recognition.

2. Should be Memorable

Simplicity is always a good way to impress and remind people. An effective logo should have a simple appropriate design that will help people to memorize it.

3. Enduring

One example of timeless logo is Coca-Cola. They never change their logo since 1885 until now and it’s been 130 years. That’s why a logo should be enduring. When people already knew the logo, they would notice whenever they saw it. So, the design should still be efficient in the future. Make it unique as a symbol of recognition, so it will be timeless.

4. Must be Versatile

Do not make something too complicated. An effective logo should be functional and able to work with a variety of mediums and applications. So, to ensure the logo can be scaled to any size, it should be designed in vector format. Always focus on the concept, shape, and simple color. Design it in vector format and do not use too many colors, because the printing cost will swell.

5. And the last, Appropriate

A logo is an identification. So, it doesn’t matter if the logo does not show the business, offers, or service. The logo should have appropriate designed for its intended purpose. There was a good quote by Paul Rand about the logo. He said, “A logo derives its meaning and usefulness from the quality of that which is symbolizes”.

So, are there another reasons to make an effective logo in your mind? If you need help to create a logo which can be a pure identification for your brand, our practiced designers will make sure the design is appropriate with pleasure. Don’t be hesitated to contact us at or call +6221-29459777