Jan 08 2015

5 Tips for Attractive Companies Online Annual Report

Now, the 2014 has passed and soon many company will release their annual report. The report contains many information about the company which is very important and useful for the shareholders and the stakeholders. The number of data and digit will make the report hard to read and that’s why attractive annual report design will help it easy to read. And of course, thanks to technological advances, many companies has been published their annual report online.

There are some good reasons for most companies to use the online annual report than printed annual report, especially for multinational and global companies. First is the digital trends. Many people already have their smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop connects with the internet. It’s easier for the company to make an application or a web to publish the report that accessible by everyone rather than the printed report which need to be given personally.

Besides, the online annual report will help to save the environment because the company doesn’t need to waste many papers and of course it will be much cost saving. The online report also can be presented with interactive effects, parallax scrolling, animations, and other features that offer much creativity and ingenuity. These advantages have much greater flexibility for attractive company’s annual report rather than the printed report.

So, if you want to make your company’s annual report be online, there are 6 tips that you should keep in mind in the preparation of online annual report.

1. The online capabilities

A digital report can present the things a lot more interesting rather than printed reports. In website or applications, the company can combine the design with the videos, sound, animations, notepads, glossaries, parallax scrolling, and many creative features that can make the segments more interactive and engaging more experience.

2. The infographics will tell everything

Reading is always take so much time, and someone really have to endure when it comes to read the annual report that has so many text and tables. With the online reports, all the texts and tables can be presented in the simple and attractive infographics that has a big amount of data with only a few explanations.

3. Creative professionalism

The annual report contain so many information that need to be explicated with a professionalism, like financial statement and summary of company performance in the past year. But professional design also need the creative side to make the report more readable and easier to understand. The internet will help the company to make a report which contains all the work with professional and creative look.

4. Summarized and detailed information

Not everyone love to read, and not everyone will read all information about the company. Some just like to read the information that link their self to the company. So, the company should consider the way to make all the information easier to be accessed. The company can easily to use the website or application to show the report detailed information and the reader get the information they need in just one click without bombarded with the information they don’t want.

5. Flat and clean

Well-designed annual report has a standard, which is should be flat and clean. A visual presentation is the key to make an effective annual report and pleasing to read. Simple, to the points, minimal looping video, and flat tone style will conveying the company’s information clearly and make the report looks more professional.

The company’s online annual report will give a different experience, which is not just interactive, but rich of contents, and of course can reach a wider the readers to better understand about the company. The advantages of online report will present all company’s truly identity in a simple way that accessible by everyone, such as the stakeholders, shareholders, or even the public.