Feb 05 2015

4 Tips to Make Companies Creative Annual Report Design

In the preparation of company’s annual report, design is the thing you need to consider. It’s necessary because right design will help people to understand all the data and figures easily. Design is important to make sure everyone who read the report can get every information you convey. So, to help you get started with your company’s creative annual report designs, here a list of tips to realize it.

Don’t tell, just show

Why you tell when visual can make everything right? Annual report contain so many information that show the company’s performance and almost everyone will not enjoy to read tons of figures. It’s knotty.

The easier way to explain every detail is using the graphs or charts. Even, you can combine it with pictures to show the growth, improvement, or anything that pertain to company. Use a full page photo to grab attention and make the report more engaging.

Just summary

Remember, don’t explain everything too detail at the beginning of your report. The summary is like your calling card to attract people’s attention. Just make an eye-catching design that memorable and can convey every message, important facts and statistics effectively. Don’t bury every data among paragraph because people need to know about your company quickly and effectively. The simpler itself, the easier it to be understood.


The staffs have a big part in the company’s headway and they are worth to be engaged in your annual report, especially you will need them at the earliest stage. They can help to give the highlight of the year and the ideas for the features that need to be shown. It will be interesting and many staff will jump in to it with pleasure.


Creative is not just about design. You need to make all elements of company report be extraordinary. It called creative. You can play with the thickness of paper, types of paper, consider embossing, unique shape, various finishing or anything that can help you to create a memorable annual report.

To help you get more inspiration, you can read our article about best company’s best annual report design inspiration. And if you need help and information in the preparation of annual report, we’re very pleasure to help you. So, get in touch with us in hello@giantleapstudio.com or call us at +6221-29459777.