Sep 29 2014

10 Reason to Use Attractive Annual Report (Part1)

Annual report design has an important role in presenting important information to be conveyed by company, especially to attract people's attention. Good design and professional will make the annual report’s presentations better and interactive. Here are 10 reasons to use the attractive annual report design.

  1. Easy to remember

If you see an interesting ad on TV or on the road, certainly you will easily remember it. This concept also need to bear in the making of the company's annual report. Annual report attractive design will help the public, shareholders, and stakeholders to recall any information submitted.

  1. Easy to understand

The annual report has complicated data that tend to be difficult to remember so that people will easily ignore it. Would be a problem if any of the key points to be conveyed simply overlooked. Therefore, the design of annual reports need to be made and presented in a form that is easy to understand and uncomplicated.

  1. Build a positive perception

Companies can build a strong, positive perception through an annual report that has accurate data. Most people will have more confidence in the real data and will provide a positive response to the company.

  1. Persuade people to read from beginning to end

Data are complicated and many people would hard to focus on the company's annual report. Therefore, the design is very influential in presenting any facts and figures into a form that is more attractive and help people to focus on reading it from the beginning to the last page.

  1. Making presentations for the better

Good design will make the annual report’s presentation better because it is more efficient and easily understood. Each complex data has been packed and set to a graphic display or visual and more interesting narrative, so that any messages and corporate goals can be conveyed properly, without being missed.

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