Mar 06 2015

10 New 2015 Cool, Unique, and Fresh Calendar Designs

The year of 2014 had gone, and now, we are facing the 2015. In this year, there are many important dates that we never want to forget, like birthdays, weddings, graduations, and etc. And where do you note the date? We think, the choice is of course the cool, unique, and fresh calendar.

Even though the smartphones have the digital calendar, the desk and wall calendar is always the best choice. We can just look the calendar in our desk to see the appointments, rather than open the lock in our smartphone to look the calendar. It is slower. So, these are 10 new 2015 cool, unique, and fresh calendar design which we choose randomly.

1. Pawel Jonca 2015 wall calendar

This wall calendar was designed by Pawel Jonca, a Polish illustrator. By using the unique illustration, he managed to present all months in the unique way. This calendar is sold for US$60.

2. 2015 Colored Pencils Calendar

This unique calendar was made by a Spanish, Vero Navarro. He used the real colored pencils and gouache over craft cardboard to draw all the characters this calendar. So, there are no digital touch.

3. The Great Gentleman Zodiac Calendar 2015

The designer, Kuba Kolodziejak, tried to present the 12 zodiacs in the different way, and he nailed it. Every month in this calendar was been represented by a giant man, who transform to the 12 zodiacs every month. Kind of macho…

4. Typography Calendar 2015

This is one of the best wall calendar that presents every day differently. The creator, Slanted Publisher from Germany designed the 364 days of 2015 with the different Typodarium every day. Means, a fresh font for every day.

5. Animal Illustrations Calendar 2015

A Germans illustrator designed the animal illustrations to present all months in 2015. The limited edition wall calendar was designed by Krita are sold for US$46.28.

6. Abuba Steak 2015 Calendar Design

The famous steak restaurant in Jakarta really has their good taste for yummy 2015 calendar design. Thanks to the designer, Felicia Lim. She succeed to merge foods and art to a calendar with the fresh presentation.

7. 2015 Mono Calendar

This calendar was made by Marc Shin, Korean illustrator. The illustrations bring every month with a simple black and white stripes, but still deliver a powerful design.

8. 2015 Prism Calendar

Finally, it is not just an ordinary shape, it is prism! Thanks to Studio Servaas from Netherland who merge the 12 months of 2015 in to a foldable pocket calendar. With four different colors, of course everyone can bring this unique calendar anywhere.

9. Goat Calendar 2015

Xilin Tran, Vietnamese illustrator, brought the Chinese elements to her work beautifully. The months of 2015 were illustrated by the goats, which are the Chinese Zodiac for this year.

10. Indosat 2015 Table Calendar

And our last pick for cool calendar design is Indosat 2015 table calendar which was designed by Thoy Ahmad, Indonesian illustrator. The calendar showed the company’s value nicely with the good illustration and simple copywriting.

So, do you have any favorite calendar designs? If you own a company, calendar is one of the important tool to engage with your customer. Read our article about the power of printed calendar to know why.
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